Sports betting: Getting inspiration

It is possible, of course, to get inspiration from the big, successful sports bettors.

The strategies often used successfully are these

Consistency in the quota area

Even if it is difficult in practice, patience and consistency should be the trump cards here. This means that the focus should be on a specified range of quotas in order to focus as much as possible on this area. Experts recommend odds ranges between 1.8 and 2.2. Extremes hold greater chances of profit, but also a higher risk of loss.

Capital has to work

To be successful in betting and online casino such as 메리트카지노, all the money invested should really “work” after an initial phase. It also means that all bets should be as positive as possible. Be careful: a certain amount of “dead capital” is also an important safeguard when betting.

The bet size is crucial

To a certain extent, it is certainly a question of faith whether bets are always made with the same stakes. This variant has the advantage that the risk also remains at the same level because the stake does not change. The technical term Martingale, on the other hand, means increasing the stake by so much that the loss is compensated again – and this option is only rarely recommended because the total loss is preprogrammed here.

No frustration bets

What women often do in fashion stores – namely frustration shopping – should not be an option in sports betting. As a rule, more money is gambled away than is won. And that is precisely what reduces the stake in the next, well-thought-out bet. Even if it’s difficult: strategy beats emotion here.

Define a catalog of criteria

If you set a catalog of criteria, you will make your life easier because: The actual betting takes place according to a fixed scheme. So it is possible to place several without getting stressed. Moreover, a catalog of categories reduces the potential for frustration because it is a purely schematic approach.

Full control

One side is the requirement that realistic limits be set. This other side, however, becomes even more massive and says: Sports bettors have to develop a strategy to banish the annoying bastard who is always saying that it will certainly work this time and that a higher stake will certainly not have dramatic consequences.