Why Horse Race Betting is a Popular Sports Betting Market

Online gambling continues to experience massive growth in Asia, yet Indonesia remains unaffected by the trend as the country still strictly prohibits gambling. Still, certain loopholes have and advanced communication technologies have given Indonesian gamblers access to offshore operated sportsbooks. Many of whom prefer to wager on horse races, perhaps because this sports betting market has the easiest betting rules. .

Unlike neighboring countries Malaysia and Singapore, where placing bets on horse races are allowed, the government is still looking to ban remote sports betting operators from offering their betting products. Although the COVID-19 pandemic dampened the betting activities for a while, offshore sportsbooks have since returned with their bet lines several International horse race events.

Bookmakers are currently offering bet lines for UK and Ireland horse races in race parks located in Dundalk, New Castle and Southwell. The selection is wide-ranging in the U.S. as horse racing competitions are ongoing at the race tracks in Aqueduct, Charlestown Golden Gate Field, Gulfstream, Laurel Park,Penn National, Sam Houston, Sta. Anita, Tampa Bay Downs and Turf Paradise. In South Africa horse racing events are currently taking place in Fairview.

If you’re looking for a remotely operated sportsbook in which to place wagers for horse races, all you need to do is get in touch with the local agent of an offshore sportsbook operator like BwinBet365. Through the situs judi online of a BwinBet365 agent, a customer support staff will verify your ID so you can register as a BwinBet365 customer. The customer support staff will then assist you in placing your deposit at any local Indonesian banks or licensed payment processor. Once your deposit gets through, you will be provided with a password to use in accessing the BwinBet365 online sportsbook.

Horse Race Betting Basics

To give Indonesian newbie gamblerss an idea of how easy horse race betting is, here’s an overview of the basics:

Placing a bet on a horse race is as easy as choosing a horse you think is the most likely to win. Understanding how much you’ll gain as winning is no brainer either, because the most common choices are straight bets for a win, a place or a show. .

Win Bet – Oftentimes, bettors play it safe by choosing the favorite or the horse that many predict will win based on stats and previous horse performance. A Win bet line for a favorite horse may be stated as 3-5, which simply means that on every $5 bet you stake on that horse, you stand to win $3 if the horse wins. The payout you’ll receive will be $8, representing a refund of your $5 wager and your $3 winnings.

However those looking to really gamble, place their bets on the horses with higher odds, or those that are not expected to win. Naturally, bet lines are several times higher in value, e.g. 20-1, denoting that on every $1 staked as wager you get to collect $20 as winnings, if that horse finishes the race first and ahead of all others.

Place Bets – A Place bet is a wager you stake on a horse that you predict will finish as first or second. If the outcome of the race turns out as you predicted, wherein your horse choice came out as first or as second placer, then you get to collecte the value stated in the bet line.

Show Bets – Unlike Place bets that calls for predicting how your horse choice will finish at the end of the race, Show Bet is a wager you stake on a horse without a specific prediction of how it will finish the race. Whether the horse emerges as first, second or third doesn’t matter for as long as your horse choice is in the line up of top three winners of a particular race. .

What we have discussed are only the basic wagers, as there are the so- called exotic wagers you’ll get to learn once you get the hang of horse race betting; such as the Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta. Wagering by way of exotic bets are similar to the straight bet systems, except that the exotic options require predicting how two, three or four horses will rank as finishers in the same order at the end of the race.