Games of chance – different risks

Any type of gambling can become an addiction. Nevertheless, the various types of games of chance pose different potential hazards.


Assessment factors help to assess the potential risk of the various types of gambling

Fast succession of games or events

A fast game sequence like Situs judi bola resmi provides a special thrill when playing. If the outcome of the game is determined in a matter of seconds, losses quickly disappear from view.


Short payout interval

If there is a short time between the start and the end of the game – and thus the payment of the winnings – the money won is quickly available and is used again by many players immediately.


Active role of the players

If players are actively involved in the game of chance – for example by pressing the stop or risk buttons or when playing cards – this suggests that the outcome of the game can be influenced. However, the fact is: the outcome of a game of chance depends largely or even exclusively on luck or chance. This also applies to types of games of chance where information or certain prior knowledge can increase the chances of winning.


“Almost profits”

If, for example, two symbols are displayed instead of the three symbols required for a win in a slot machine game, or the roulette ball lies right next to the number next to your pick, many players perceive these events not as a loss but as a “near win”. This increases the hope for some that there will be a real profit in one of the next games. Such an assumption is fundamentally wrong because a past game result has no influence on the outcome of a future game.


The amount of profit

The possible winning amount is also a factor for assessing the risk potential of a game of chance. Examples are the jackpot in the lottery or the high winnings in casinos.

The type of stake

With smaller amounts of money, tokens or payment options by credit card, you quickly lose track of the gambled sums. The form in which the game is used also contributes to the addictive or hazardous potential of a game of chance.


The availability of gambling

Many types of gambling are easily accessible to gamblers, such as online gambling or slot machines in restaurants and amusement arcades.