Athletes Having Gambling Trouble

Well, from the name itself, gambling trouble can really be troublesome. And it can generally affect almost every individual. With that, it is not surprising that professional athletes may also fall at the risk of sports gambling.

The following are presumably the factors why athletes are turning into sports gambling:

  • Lifestyle
  • Peer pressure
  • An abundant amount of cash along their way

However, those reasons are just a presumption and the exact cause of gambling trouble is not actually known.


Biggest Celebrities Who Have Gambling Trouble

Here are the big names in the entertainment industry that tend to encounter problems in the world of gambling.



Who wouldn’t have known the greatest basketball player of all time? Although no one really have an idea of the exact amount that he gambles, for sure, that really costs hundreds of dollars.



Mayweather is remarkable in spending lots of cash that he almost flaunts anywhere on social media. Aside from that, he also boasts of his betting habits within his social accounts.



Another great NBA player, Charles Barkley is also known to have a bad gambling experience. He almost throws out to thrash almost $10 million from his earnings. Yet, Barkley shows interest in stopping his gambling habit.