3 Reasons Why Poker Should Be Considered As A Sport



If you support the thought that poker should be considered a sport, you’re not alone – many folks do!

The explanations why poker should be considered a sport are probably easy to come back up with for the professional poker player. For those that don’t believe it should be a sport, perhaps these points will facilitate your to think about poker playing from another angle and understand where professional poker players who make a career out of the sport come from.

Below are 3 viable reasons why poker can and may lean sport status.

1. In 2010, poker as a mind sport was deemed by the IMSA.

First off, you’re probably wondering what the IMSA is. Founded in 2005 to introduce a replacement selection of Olympic sports to the sporting world the IMSA stands for the International Mind Sports Association.

This might cause you to start wondering what type of games are “mind games”. There’s no denying that poker deserves to air that list.

As poker is approved by the IMSA as a sport, it’s a decent argument to possess that poker is, in fact, a ‘sport’. And no-one can really argue thereupon, can they?


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2. To win, poker players must stay physically fit & healthy.

You might doubt this one, but it’s true. So as for poker players to get on top of their game, they need to be fit and healthy.

Talk to any professional poker player who has got to spend many long hours playing poker to form up their income, and that they will tell you simply how important it’s to be physically fit. Without being physically fit and healthy, poker players won’t be able to think strategically and can fall victim to fatigue and distraction. Intellectual thinking relies largely on living a good, healthy lifestyle.

Living to tell the tale bags of chips, and smoke spans of cigarettes while playing poker, some might argue that there are many poker players that are very overweight, but consider just how successful these poker players are? that category of player type, not all poker players fit into. A bit like sportsmen do, it’s a generally accepted concept that people who take their poker-playing career seriously need to participate in the workup. Poker players will be considered professional athletes due to this.

3. There’s some type of workout involved.

Is there any real exercise involved in playing poker? I say both yes and no.

People who have played it know that it does while some nay-sayers infer that poker requires no workup. It takes lots of effort to remain seated for hours at a time, focused, and consistently level-headed. The brain gets a good workout (it should physically work while playing poker), too, to not mention the center when there’s a stressful round involved.

As the definition of sport is an activity involving workouts, poker could fit into that category.