Make Money Quick With Football Betting Strategies

You can of course hope that one day you will get rich with the lotto. But be honest how much have you won with all those times you bought a ticket? Probably not that much. Chances are, in all those years, you’ve spent more money on lotteries than you’ve won. These types of gambling games are therefore purely about luck. And that while it is much more interesting when you have an influence on the game yourself. With betting on football you are in control. You determine the bet, the stake and you look for the highest odds. Moreover, your football knowledge ensures that winning a bet is not a matter of luck. Don’t expect to become a millionaire overnight with football betting. However, you can still save a nice amount of money or you can try to visit for more reliable online casino games.

Understand how bookmakers operate

There are two sides to every bet: you and the bookmaker. Only when you know how bookmakers operate can you beat them. In the gambling world, so-called odds compilers are responsible for determining the odds. They base this purely on the facts. And that’s how you should look at a match. Delve into the statistics, follow the current sports news, and make a thorough estimate of the match. Just like the odds compilers do. This is the only way to win the battle with any regularity.

Combine bets for extra high winnings

If you have little experience with betting on football, it is best to start with a single bet. You then place one bite at a time and you win or lose it. Clear enough. To get rich with football betting, high odds are crucial. A combination bet is a smart way to increase the winnings. You then bet on several matches at the same time and you have to win every bet. On the other hand, the odds of all matches are multiplied by each other. Suppose you combine three bets, where the odds are 1.29, 1.72, and 2.50. Due to the multiplication, each euro wagered is worth €5.54. Choose wisely. The risk of losing one of the best (and therefore the total bet) is relatively high.

Probability is your best friend

Probability is an essential factor in football betting. The bookmaker makes an estimate of the match and adjusts the odds accordingly. You also make an estimate of the match and see if the chance of something happening matches the odds that the bookmaker has assigned. Probability calculation simply shows you the value of a bet. The most successful gamblers swear by value betting. Suppose you are standing in front of a T-junction and you don’t know whether your friends in the other car have turned left or right. Then you still have a 50% chance that you are right. If we convert this percentage into odds, we arrive at (100/50 =) 2.00. If you estimate the chance at 50% while the odds are higher than 2.00, you have found value. Value betting requires the necessary gambling experience and of course expertise in the field of football. Suppose you go for the match Heerenveen (quotes 1.51) and Sparta (quotes 6.35). Is it smart to bet your money on Sparta? Not according to the bookmaker. But after you have immersed yourself in the match, you may expect that Heerenveen has a 66% chance of winning and Sparta still 17%. According to these percentages, odds should come out at 1.51 and 5.88. Betting on Sparta is therefore certainly interesting for value betters. Follow a fixed strategy and focus on the long term
In lotteries, you can get rich in one fell swoop if you hit the jackpot. Do you prefer to focus on football betting? Then accept that you are working for the long term. The €100 that you may wager on a match does not immediately yield thousands of euros.

Keep your composure at all times

Speaking of emotions… gambling makes football matches so exciting that you’re tempted to make crazy jumps. You had agreed with yourself that you would not bet more than € 200 today. But you lose a few bets and you get frustrated. If you listen to your emotion, you will bet more money to compensate for the loss. And that is how you distinguish a recreational gambler from a professional. The latter group always knows how to keep calm, whatever the circumstances. If you react to emotion, you are guaranteed to turn a loss.