How gambling changed football

Online casinos like BG gaming are becoming more and more integrated with the world of sports. Soccer and other sports-specific theme slots are now available online. Each sport has its own game, so every sports fan can find a slot machine that suits them. Especially in the field of football, there are already a lot of slots and other games that are completely devoted to this topic. There is no limit to your creativity. Game developers are constantly coming up with new ideas to ensure the best possible gaming experience.


Online Betting

Online betting has become an integral part of the world of sports in particular. Players can place bets from anywhere in the world. The odds here are particularly high and are often much better than local bookmakers. Players can compare odds online at any time. Find the best odds with just a few mouse clicks. This allows players to always get the most out of their bets.

However, the combination of sports and betting is not a one-way street. Both sides will benefit from this. Online casinos sponsor the entire football club and provide the club with essential financial support. In this way, you can promote new young talent and buy tools that are important to your club.


Soccer Slots

There are different types of soccer slots. And this is the most diverse variety. In some games, you can even organize your own team and immerse yourself in a virtual match. In special bonus rounds, you need to guess the right corner of the penalty shootout to crush a big win. Slot machines are developed by the best game developers with many years of experience in the field of gambling. In this way, the concept of the game fits perfectly into the topic of football.

These slots are especially recommended for real football fans. Some slots come with an actual license, so the original player or club will appear in the slot. Online casinos know the importance of soccer slots and therefore offer special bonuses. A bonus of up to 400 euros is possible. Players will receive a quadruple deposit from the casino as a deposit bonus.

For football fans, there are lots of special offers and therefore get the value of their money. Not only can you marvel at your favorite clubs and your favorite players at the playground, but you can also experience their stars digitally up close. Above all, good graphics and game mechanics guarantee a realistic experience.


Sponsorship Agreement Prior to the 2000s

No soccer team was sponsored by a gambling company, but now 60% of all football clubs in Europe have agreements in this area. And this is in the interests of both parties. With financial support, clubs can make more purchases than players need. Overseas travel and training camps can also be funded in this way. In this way, especially the younger generation can improve their performance.

Even in Germany, sponsorship contracts with gambling companies are not uncommon. It was in 2019 that RB Leipzig signed a contract with an online casino and flowed € 1.5 million. Another gambling company has contracts with HSV, Freiburg, Werder Bremen, Bochum and Hoffenheim. Schalke and Gladbach are also sponsored by gambling companies. But that’s not all. There are many other German clubs that work with online casinos.

However, the entire club is not supported by the gambling industry. Individual players also enter into contracts with gambling companies and promote them. Such sponsorships are now a safe source of income for players. New players often sponsor, so they can primarily benefit from sponsorship. This allows young talents to focus entirely on improving the game. This ensures that in the future, the top players who are essential to strong German football will always be on the rise.



The gambling industry and sports are inextricably linked. Both sides are benefiting from each other. Players can find the best odds online, but football clubs can invest financial support to stay successful. As a result, sports are strengthened and young people can be encouraged. A situation that is mutually beneficial for all parties. In addition, it can be expected that cooperation will be strengthened and new cooperation will be born in the future.