Harness Racing Finding its Own Spotlight

Harness racing has always been regarded as the throwaway, the go-along to get by, and the poorer cousin of horse racing kind of sports gambling.

It takes 3% for the sport to obtain visibility at national ADWs. Moreover, it’s a sport that hasn’t given much thought to expanding its audience or developing a distinct gambling brand.

However, by planning and employing new fixed odds, and practical techniques in this sport it can make its own spotlight.


Exposing Harness Racing More into Sports Betting

There has been an event where influential members of the industry in Arizona brought together the annual Racetrack Industry Program’s Global Symposium on Racing. The most talked-about subject was the existing state of sports betting and how racing fit into it.


Harness Racing – Its Advantages


Even while it’s unsettling to think that sports betting advertising spending in 2021 would wind up matching the payouts from horse racing (including from slot machines), there are some potential benefits. With the help of something known as a “shared wallet,” it enables sports bettors to easily switch between FanDuel/TVG and other companies. Aside from that, it hopes to introduce horse racing to many of these recently gained clients who have never heard of it.