This tour begins at our shop in the heart of Downtown Minneapolis, followed by a short drive through the historic warehouse district that brings us to our entry point at Bohemian Flats. Upon entry of the river, guests paddle into the awe inspiring Lower Saint Anthony Lock to get to an incredible view of Downtown and the Mill City area. After coming back out of the Lower Saint Anthony Lock, the journey continues through the beautiful and ONLY gorge on the Mississippi River. An adventurous paddle through these unexpected limestone cliffs brings you to a white-sand beach at the confluence of Minnehaha Creek and the Mississippi River. The tour ends with a short hike up to see majestic Minnehaha Falls and (if you choose) wonderful snacks or drinks at Sea Salt Restaurant. Because this is where the tour ends, Minnehaha Park and the Seasalt Restaurant can be explored until the heart is content. Before leaving, guides will give directions to the light rail stop at Minnehaha falls which leads to a fascinating (but short) light rail ride back to downtown Minneapolis. (Guests are to bring $2.25/person to cover light rail costs. However, if the light rail is not preferred, transportation back to the shop with us can be arranged at an extra $20/person).
Tour Details
Cost: $95 /paddler + tax and gratuity
Length: Approximately 4 hours (tour time can vary)
Cost includes: guide, all necessary equipment, and amazing memories! (does not include: gratuity, light rail fee, or food and drink at Seasalt)
It’s not common knowledge that the “gorge” located between the Ford Dam and St. Anthony Falls is the only “gorge” geological formation on the Mississippi. The gorge was formed by the constant ascension up the river by what is today known as St. Anthony Falls, which began its migration upriver from St. Paul 1000s of years ago. Today, the gorge is a reminder of our ever-changing geography sculpted by natural forces. Join us as we explore this truly unique section of the Mississippi River. It is especially spectacular during fall.
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