44-10998175793_8208971a6a_bThis approximately 4 hour kayak tour from the Coon Rapids Dam to Downtown Minneapolis, is a
great way for guests to experience the seamless connection of nature and industry in the Twin Cities. On this tour, paddlers glide past historic Minneapolis industrial landmarks such as: Minneapolis Water Works, the Grainbelt Brewery, the newly constructed Lowry Avenue Bridge, and much more. In between these great landmarks, is miles of beautiful forested parkland where paddlers can relax and begin to understand why the Twin Cities is considered to have one of the best park systems in the country. As we close in on our destination, guests are awed by one the most incredible views of the Downtown Minneapolis skyline (which makes a picture perfect photo opportunity!). This tour truly is a great way to experience the city!
Tour Details:
Cost: $95.00/person + tax/optional gratuity
Length: Approximately 4 hours (tour length can vary with water flow, wind, etc.)
Price Includes: kayak, paddle, personal floatation device, and guide.
 Runs Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 10:00 AM (advance reservations are required)
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